The NCAA championship finals ended in the much-anticipated, 2-1 win at the university of Wisconsin at wholesale jerseys vip duke university in 68-68. Duke university accused WeiTai Ruth Jones had a team-high 23 points, does not favor in case stand out, won the ball the most outstanding player of the game (MOP).

Originally the night, outside the most looking forward to is two insider star cummings and emeka okafor match-ups. Many people may not have anticipated the outbreak of Ruth Jones. After all, the NCAA season and Jones is only 4 scorer at duke university, since the wholesale jerseys nike beginning of this tournament, he averaged 11 points and 5.2 assists and 2.8 rebounds data is not particularly attractive.

But you know, in high school, Jones is to last year's NBA draft Andrew wiggins eponymous super star, he is beyond the vision, the stability of peers and course also give a lot wholesale jerseys from china of basketball school scout, left a very deep impression.

Back to today's game, Jones's performance proved that he is for the big occasion. In the finals the suffocating atmosphere, the duke play very tight after the opening, the team two scorers emeka okafor and Winslow feel cold. Compared to the wholesale jerseys cheap veterans, to cooperate with more skilled at the university of Wisconsin, duke university on both ends, appear very irritable.

But the psychological contrast, is also very good reflected on the score. If not continuous jumper, Jones, in the first half wholesale jerseys online may wholesale jerseys reviews have will start at the university of Wisconsin.

Easy side again after the war, have a nine point lead at the university of Wisconsin, distance champion seems to have not. The critical juncture, Jones stood out again, he and the backup guard Grayson Allen to presented a counteroffensive at duke university. As Jones again accurate jumper, finally will be erased by wholesale jerseys free shipping duke university!

Jones, the jumper, also thoroughly the reassurance to the team. After the game, no chance to give rivals, duke university wave flow killed the suspense. And last time, to secure key free throws, and Jones.

It is worth mentioning that in the United States well-known draft site nbadraft given the latest issue of 2015 rookie list, Ruth Jones ranked 20th line only. But after the battle, the freshman basketball career prospects, I'm afraid I will be completely different.

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